Spechtsweg 10-18

This student hostel offers 231 single rooms, which are divided into 2-4 person flat-sharing communities. 18 rooms are equipped for the disabled. All rooms are furnished and have cable connection. The shared kitchens are equipped with cupboards, ovens and refrigerators.

Furthermore, there are 14 apartments in the complex, equipped with separate kitchenettes and bathrooms.

The student hostel built in 1993 belongs to the residential complex "Am Bellenkamp", along with the "House of Nations" and the "Euro-corner". This complex is a joint project of the Ruhr-University and the Student Service Organisation (AKAFÖ). The "Euro-Eck" serves as a community centre and an intercultural meeting point.

The complex is located right next to the UniCenter.

Room types and rates

Type Size Price range furnished
Apartment 19-20 m2 272,- € - 282,- € yes
Room in a 2-person shared apartment 14-15 m2 259,- € - 287,- € yes
Room in a 3-person shared apartment 16 m2 288,- € yes
Room in a 4-person shared apartment 16 m2 278,- € yes


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