Laerholzstraße 7-13b

In this residential complex two-and three-storey houses form a group around a courtyard and thus give the impression of a "village".

The outside facilities offer a large green area. The residential complex includes 268 rooms in two, three or four person apartments.

The rooms are unfurnished and have a cable connection.

As for communal facilities, the student village offers a gym and workroom. In each of the four houses of the student village, there are two washing machines and a tumble dryer respectively.

Room types and rates

Type Size Price range furnished
Apartment 15 m2 262,- € no
Room in a 2-person shared apartment 11-18 m2 462,- € - 558,- € no
Room in a 3-person shared apartment 11-18 m2 729,- € - 759,- € no
Room in a 4-person shared apartment 11-18 m2 900,- € no


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