Gelsenkirchen: Wodanstraße 7a-7f

This hostel in Gelsenkirchen is available to students of the local Westphalia University. There are 152 shared rooms in 2-4-room shared apartments as well as 3 apartments in three houses.

Each apartment includes a fully equipped kitchen and modern sanitary facilities. Some apartments have a balcony or a terrace. The rooms are not furnished, but cable connection is available.

The apartments have separate kitchens and bathrooms and are also not furnished. Washing machines and tumble dryers are available. In the courtyard of the residential complex, a garden pond with a waterfall has been constructed.

The Westphalia University, location Gelsenkirchen, can be reached either by tram or by bus.

Room types and rates

Type Size Price range furnished
Apartment 13 m2 232,- € - 239,- € no
Room in a 2-person shared apartment 13-17 m2 223,- € - 266,- € no
Room in a 3-person shared apartment 13-17 m2 251,- € - 269,- € no
Room in a 4-person shared apartment 13-17 m2 209,- € - 247,- € no


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