Information for the disabled

In nine of its new residential complexes, the AKAFÖ currently offers 48 accommodations equipped for the disabled as well as 78 disabled-friendly accommodations. This division has been made in order to come up to the residents’ various demands.

Accommodations equipped for the disabled are thereby exclusively designed for the needs of severely disabled people. The disabled-friendly accommodations were built both for slightly disabled and not disabled people.

The following list shows residential complexes and a number of accommodations either equipped for the disabled or just disabled-friendly accommodations:

Residential Complex Typ Qty
Sumperkamp Equippend for the disabled 48
Grimberg Disabled-friendly 21
Europahaus Disabled-friendly 18
Studidorf Disabled-friendly 14
Disabled-friendly 10
Hegge-Kolleg Disabled-friendly 5
Buscheyplatz Disabled-friendly 4
Grunewald Disabled-friendly 3
Erlenkamp Disabled-friendly 3

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