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The Academic Support Group (AKAFÖ) is the Student Service for the University of Bochum and the Westphalia University of Gelsenkirchen, Recklinghausen and Bocholt.

We are responsible for social, economic and cultural students’ support. For this, we provide a comprehensive service that will help you resolve study related issues or problems. The AKAFÖ provides over 70,000 students and university staff with meals in its canteens and cafeterias, rents about 4,200 accommodations in student residential complexes, is engaged in the implementation of the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (BAföG), offers childcare, social advice for foreigners and disabled people and many other services.

Take care of your studies - we will take care of the rest!

The Academic Support Group is responsible 1. as per § 1 (3) no. 3 of the German Student Service Law (StWG), 

  • for the Ruhr-University Bochum,
  • for the University of  Bochum,
  • for the University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen,
  • for the University of Health,
  • for the Evangelic University of Applied Sciences of the Rhineland-Westphalia-Lippe in Bochum
  • for the Folkwang University of Art, location Bochum 

for the implementation of the Federal Education and Training Assistance Law (BAföG),
as per § 1 of the Regulation on the Student Services as Education and Training Support Offices as of  July 20, 1998 (GV. NW. 1998 p. 480), in its current version.

The Academic Support Group provides student services within the scope of its responsibilities in the social and economic area, particularly through: 

  1. Establishment and operation of catering facilities
  2. Establishment, rental and arrangement of accommodation,
  3. Implementation of student financial aid, especially of the Federal Education and Training Assistance Law (BAföG),
  4. Support for students with children, in particular by operation of child day care facilities,
  5. Health promotion and social counselling, as well as the promotion of the disabled and chronically ill students,
  6. Promotion of cultural work with and by students,
  7. Provision of premises, facilities and services for third parties.

Other services provided

Legal Basis

Die rechtliche Grundlage für die Arbeit des Akademischen Förderungswerk beruht auf dem „Gesetz über die Studierendenwerke im Lande Nordrhein-Westfalen". Die geltende Satzung des Akademischen Förderungswerks wurde vom Verwaltungsrat am 16.01.2015 beschlossen.

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