Study Buddy

It is a great challenge for many students to settle down in a new country, often without friends and acquaintances. The Study Buddy programme, the AKAFÖ guided mentoring programme, provides guidance that shall simplify the daily life as well as the study process. Hereby local students (mentors) help international students (mentees) to find their way in a foreign environment. The programme thus offers both sides an opportunity to get to know each other's culture.

As a Study-Buddy mentor you can:

  • make new contacts
  • get to know foreign cultures and languages
  • help students adapt themselves in Bochum
  • take part in common activities

As a Study-Buddy mentee you can:

  • get to know life in Bochum
  • get orientation in the University every day life
  • find new friends
  • take part in joint activities

Joint activities are for example:

  • Study-Buddy regulars’ reserved table
  • Excursions, such as a guided tour of the canteen kitchen, a visit to the training mine Recklinghausen, bowling evenings, culinary evenings and many other activities

The AKAFÖ international department tries its best to support its Buddies in every respect. However, by no means it substitutes official information of Bochum’s Universities with its international offices!


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