130 nations on campus.
Now, if that's not ingenious …

Studies are becoming increasingly more international, people from all countries and continents meet at the universities the AKAFÖ is taking care for. We provide contact, we support community, we help to understand each other. We explain Germany and the world –to you, too.

Globalization and mobility nowadays feature our daily life and thus the lives of many students. Living in an international community means the inclusion of all cultures, languages and ways of life. We have to engage ourselves with the new in order to experience this diversity which, along with the new experiences, is sure to promote an expanded view of the world.

In our work, we adhere to the idea of a Global Village and want to enable open communication while offering all students at the universities of Bochum and the surrounding area an opportunity to get to know other cultures.


Weiterbildungsangebote, die sich speziell an Berufstätige wenden, gibt es auf Ein derartiges Fernstudium neben dem Beruf, ermöglicht Absolventen sowohl den Erwerb von Zusatzqualifikationen ohne Gehaltseinbußen als auch Spezialisierungs- und Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten.


In addition to the advice centres of the AKAFÖ International Affairs Department, there are many other advice centres in Bochum. We will be pleased to support you in such queries as: „Where can I find accommodation? “, „Where can I find an insurance? “, „How much money do I need to survive? “, „Am I allowed to work while studying? “ and many other.

Student House Tutors

Since the summer session 2013, student house tutors are now again offering their services in the student houses provided by the AKAFÖ.

The goal is to make life more colourful in the AKFÖ student houses and promote cultural diversity in cooperation with the AKAFÖ, the Student Dormitory Councils and the superintendents. The tutors get involved in the peaceful coexistence and exchange of different cultures.

Student house tutors’ tasks are:

  • Planning and realization of student house events
  • Being a team contact person for fellow lodgers
  • Reception und orientation guide for new fellow lodgers
  • Participation in regularly meetings (1-2x per semester)

It is and individual decision of every student residential complex how to promote intercultural coexistence and diversity. Furthermore, activities outside the residential complexes, such as get-to-know evenings, guided city tours and excursions are being planned.

Your benefits:

  • Active design of the living comfort
  • Free participation in events organized by the AKAFÖ (AKAFÖ-Member Card)
  • Participation in workshops and advanced trainings (intercultural training, conflict prevention, consultation, etc.)
  • Certificate after completion of the activity (Voluntary Commitment Certificate)

Please contact us if you feel like participating in the activities of your residential complex!

Frequently Asked Questions


Hallo, Welcome, Salut, Priwet, Merhaba

Heiko Jansen

Head of International

AKAFÖ-Kulturbüro boskop
Sumperkamp 9-15
44801 Bochum
Tel.: +49 (0234) 32-115 20
Fax: +49 (0234) 32-140 10
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Elena Fedotova

BeComing Friends, Advice for Foreign Students

Studierendenhaus, Raum 069
Universitätsstr. 150,
44801 Bochum
Tel.: +49 (234) 32-11 109
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Consulting in German, Russian, English

Anke Reckmann

Advice Centre for Foreign Students

Studierendenhaus, Raum 069
Universitätsstr. 150,
44801 Bochum
Tel.: +49 (0234) 32-27 412
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Consulting in German, English

Mustafa Akpinar

Advice Centre for international lodgers, Study Buddy Programme

Wohnheim Sumperkamp, Raum 21
Sumperkamp 9-15, 44801 Bochum
Tel.: +49 (0234) 32-45 970
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Consulting in German, Turkish, English

Opening hours

During our general opening hours we are happy to advise you on the spot. To avoid long waiting times we recommend that you make an appointment with us.

For general inquiries you can always send us an email.

Send us a message:


10:00 ­– 13:00 pm

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