Consulting Principles

With our work at the Advice Centre for Inclusion of Disabled Students ( BZI ), we support the implementation of the decision of the German University Rectors' Conference "A University for All" thus making a significant contribution to the action plan of the state government of NRW "A Society for All" to meet the UN Disability Rights Convention.


In accordance with the principles of "Peer Counseling" - "advice and support for the affected from the affected" - the consultancy of disabled students is carried out by disabled consultants. The consultancy has an objective of self-determination, so that the disabled students may become long-term “experts on their own account”. They learn how and through whose support they can achieve their study objectives as soon and as securely as possible.

However, we also offer our advisory services to all other bodies and institutions of the university (faculties, administrations, examination offices, etc.). You can receive our support in issues related to students with disabilities in all respects (e.g. university didactics, compensation for disadvantages during examinations, legal structure, etc.). In a personal conversation it is not only possible to define problems, but also jointly develop and implement problem solving strategies and perspectives in the sense of extensibility of one’s own performance skills.

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