Advisory Services

The Student Service Center (AKAFÖ) offers advisory services in all issues which are important for disabled and chronically ill students. Here you can see a few examples:

  • Entitlement to social assistance in special circumstances and disability-related additional needs
  • Integration assistance as part of the Federal Social Assistance Act (BSHG) in the jurisdiction of the non-local carrier of social assistance, particularly in the area of mobility and study aid.
  • Consultations on care and assistance
  • Disadvantage compensation arrangements of the Federal Financial Aid (BAföG) in case of exceedance of the funding period
  • Regulations and legislation related to the monthly disability benefits for the blind
  • Consultancy of assistants
  • Advice on study and promotion financing
  • Hardship provisions within the scope of the study place application 
  • General advice in dealing with study and examination regulations
  • Collection service for blind and visually impaired people
  • Assistance in finding barrier-free accommodation for disabled people
  • Information about transport services for the disabled, nursing services and aid organizations
  • Information about disabled accessible travelling
  • Preparation of expert reports and statements for disabled students
  • Mediation of study-related internships
  • Off semesters (vacation/illness)
  • Advice on the reception of knowledge and preparation of the course material
  • Studies abroad of German disabled students and disabled foreigners living in Bochum
  • Degree consulting - assistance with the application process and job search
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Work assistance defined in the German Social Security Code (SGB IX) - Act on Rehabilitation and Participation of Disabled People
  • Advice on benefits defined in the German Social Security Code (SGB IX) – disabled person’s pass, workplace equipment, local and central care agencies, etc.
  • and many other services.

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