Food at the AKAFÖ: Every day different. Every day well.

The Academic Support Group (AKAFÖ) offers a variety of modern catering services for students, university staff and guests in its canteens, cafeterias, restaurants, bistros and coffee bars. Our service thereby conforms to the various needs of our guests.


The classic canteen is mainly focused on lunch catering. In totally 10 canteens we offer a variety of tasty food, there is also a wide range of meals offered for vegetarians or vegans. Our offer is regularly complemented by weekly promotions including dishes from different countries and on different occasions.

The 20 canteens of the AKAFÖ offer either sweet or hearty snacks as well as smaller meals completed by a wide selection of beverages.

Where possible, we rely on sustainable production. In the canteen of the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB), for example, we offer potatoes from controlled organic cultivation. Moreover, already since 1993 only Trans Fair quality coffee has been served in our institutions.

In addition to our offer at the universities, further services are provided: The AKAFÖ supplies several schools in Bochum and Bocholt with hot meals, runs school kiosks and organizes events, parties and conferences in the vicinity of universities.

All information about the location, the opening hours or the varied offer of our catering facilities can be found via the navigation menu on this page.

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