Loans from banks and saving banks

Meanwhile almost every big bank or a saving bank offers student loans. Thus the offers and loan conditions are also very different. Information on each type of credit would go beyond the scope of this website, but there are still some points that we would like you to pay your special attention to:

  • Interest: Most advantageous are fixed rate loans. Most loans are however subject to variable interest rates. Usually set quite low at the beginning of loan payment, interest rates may rise over time. Therefore, please pay attention to the maximum guaranteed interest rate!
  • Repayment: Recommended are loans the repayment of which is income-related so that (i.e. in case of unemployment) either repayment may be offset or the repayment plan may be updated and customized upon application.
  • Loan period: The long loan period indeed enables a low monthly repayment rate, however increasing it by the total of interest payments and thus the repayment amount. Try to find an acceptable mean value between the loan period and the monthly repayment rate.

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