Our Services

Round 90 children are taken care of and receive 3 meals a day between 7.30AM and 5.30PM in the AKAFÖ Day Care Group in the Lennershofstraße. 70 children aged between 4 months and 6 years are accommodated in four mixed age groups of approx. 18 children. In the afternoon, they are joined by 20 school children who spend their leasure time in the Day Care Group and do their homework there.

The composition of these groups is ideal for the development and learning processes of the adolescents: the younger ones learn from the elder ones and vice versa. Every group is under experienced supervision and guidance of two preschool teachers and a children’s nurse. They look after children when they play, rest or do homework. In cooperation with the local police, much importance is attached to a thorough road safety education.

In addition, age-appropriate learning programmes, also in terms of preparation for schooldays, are offered to every child. In addition to legally-defined parent dues paid to the Municipality of Bochum (free in case your gross annual income does not exceed €17.500), a fee is to be paid to the AKAFÖ for participation in meals and as a flat-rate reimbursement of other costs. The fee currently comes to 70 Euros per month.

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