Family Center

The AKAFÖ Family Center KiTag is willing to improve parents’ childcare abilities as well as to promote reconciliation of family and work. Our employees provide early advice, information and assistance at every stage of life, bundling already existing offers and services as a nodal point, making them easily accessible for parents due to the day care group which is close to the daily life.

Offers for consultation and support of children and families are as follows:

  • Overview of current consultation and therapy opportunities in the neighbourhood (e.g, parenting and family consultation, early education, therapeutic pedagogy, immigration-specific advice centres, women's shelters, etc.)
  • Transfer to the AKAFÖ-guided advice centres, specifically for student parents (e. g. social consultations as well as consultations for the disabled or foreign nationals)
  • Implementation of accepted practices for the general early detection of, i.e. impaired motor skills or reading and spelling skills
  • A monthly open consultation hour for child guidance and family consultation. It is also possible to arrange an individual child guidance and family consultation on request at the family centre.
  • Organization of consultation services for parents on non-educational issues such as life coaching and credit counselling

The family centre is a place of family education. We see ourselves as partners of parents to provide a wide range of family education and child guidance partnership options.

  • Updated directories including offers for parental and family education in the neighbourhood (e.g, courses in family educational establishments, Adult Education Centre (VHS), integration agencies, etc.)
  • An open café for parents is a daily available meeting point for all parents.
  • Regular parental meetings on important childcare issues
  • Interculturally oriented events and activities that are especially tailored to the needs of families with a migrant background, encouraging them to get involved
  • Parents are also invited to participate in planning and execution of activities of the family centre that are beyond the statutory cooperation opportunities.

An important objective of the AKAFÖ Family Centre is to support reconciliation of work and family studies/work by appropriate offers: On parents’ request, all registered children are served lunch at the child care group.

  • In four mixed-age groups, we also offer our services for the under 3 aged children.
  • A pool of babysitters is available for interested parents.

In addition, the AKAFÖ Family Centre cooperates with primary schools in neighbouring areas, so that also families with elementary school children can use the services of the family centre. Furthermore, the centre disposes of information about other family and child oriented offers in the surroundings (such as sports clubs, libraries, cultural facilities, parents' associations, and integration specific offers).

Please feel free to contact us - all of our employees are informed about the cooperation partners and their offers and look forward to providing you assistance!

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