Why UniKids?

"UniKids" cannot be only considered as a care facility, it should serve children as a learning, experience and educational centre. As far as the content is concerned, priority is given to early, child-friendly development and the internationality lived at the Ruhr University Bochum. The AKAFÖ UniKids team strives for high quality support based on international standards.

Scientists from Germany and abroad are often faced with a difficult decision between child(ren) and career. To facilitate this choice and to enable the reconciliation of family and professional life, it was decided by the Ruhr University Bochum to create the day care group "UniKids". With its decades of experience in child care on campus, the AKAFÖ offered its services as an operator of this facility.

The RUB can only benefit from a family-conscious personnel and study policy. The existing and implemented family-friendly policy has long become a key competitive advantage. The „UniKids” concept is another step in the direction of a modern high school life, which takes into account the concerns of parents and children.

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