History of Lennershof

The history of today’s AKAFÖ Day Care Group began in 1968 in the former barracks of the State Building Construction Office. Still acting on the individual initiative of student parents, 60 children aged between 6 weeks and 6 years were taken care of at that time.

In 1971 the AKAFÖ took over the facility management. As early as the following year the Day Care Group was extended by two after-school care groups so that even school children up to the fourth grade could be taken care of after classes.

It was autumn 1983 as the fire burned down the „old Day Care Group“ to its foundation walls – Fortunately, the construction of the new premises in the Lennershofstraße had already been started. In the spring of 1984, the new building made of prefabricated units could be handed over to the University of Applied Sciences to fulfil its destiny. The Day Care Group is still resident there.

In 1993, at exactly the time of its 25 years of existence, the Day Care Group had to overcome significant financial difficulties. In long negotiations with the Ministry in charge, the Ruhr University and the political representatives of local and regional authorities, a solution could be found that ensured long-term continued existence of the facility.

Today, the employees of the Day Care Group look after round 70 children aged up to six years in four mixed-age groups. Every day after school they are joined by additional 20 elder children. In the Day Care Group in the Lennershofstraße, they are provided with meals, may rest or do their homework – every weekday from 7AM to 5.30PM.

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